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'We Are The Angels' Album Download

'We Are The Angels' Album Download

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The debut album from ALL I LIVE FOR called 'We Are The Angels' as an MP3 download. Includes a PDF booklet with the lyrics to every song on the album, as well as the credits and photos of the band.

Encoded as MP3 format at 320kb/s with artwork and all track details embedded.

Featuring 12 tracks:

  1. Intro
  2. See My Soul
  3. Godspeed
  4. We Are The Angels
  5. Set Me free
  6. Awaken
  7. Breathe Me In
  8. Rise Again
  9. Brand New Day
  10. Here We Belong
  11. Spirit
  12. Save Our Hearts

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'We Are The Angels' Album Download
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'We Are The Angels' Album Download
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  • "The album that they have produced is an atmospheric highlight, one bordering on magnum opus status, one heavily emotional and original."

    - Mark McConville, Right Chord Music Reviewer

  • "There’s a lot more going on here and instrumentally the band are a lot stronger than I was expecting initially. [The band] have pulled off a really strong debut album."

    - James Williams, This Noise Is Ours Music Reviewer

  • "ALL I LIVE FOR fills the rock lover's chest with their new album “We Are The Angels”. A perfect compilation for the rock lover, and enjoys the square rhythms that make the listener shake their head until they're dizzy."

    - Guilherme Barreiros, Roadie Music Reviewer

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