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For a limited time we are giving away copies of our debut album 'We Are The Angels' on CD. Plus you'll also receive a hand-written, personalised thank you note from Mike.

All you do is pay for shipping and the CD is yours.

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FREE 'We Are The Angels' Album CD (Signed) - Offer

FREE 'We Are The Angels' Album CD (Signed) - Offer

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The debut album from ALL I LIVE FOR called 'We Are The Angels' in a 6 panel lancing pack. Included on the inside panels are the lyrics to every song on the album, as well as the credits and photos of the band. On the reverse cover you have the track listing, which is also printed on the CD itself.

You'll also receive a hand-written, personalised thank you note from Mike!

The CD titles can be read by CD players. Featuring 12 tracks:

  1. Intro
  2. See My Soul
  3. Godspeed
  4. We Are The Angels
  5. Set Me free
  6. Awaken
  7. Breathe Me In
  8. Rise Again
  9. Brand New Day
  10. Here We Belong
  11. Spirit
  12. Save Our Hearts

As we only have a limited number of these to give away, the CDs are limited to one per order.

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Items are shipped within 2 working days. Digital downloads are available immediately upon purchase.

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FREE 'We Are The Angels' Album CD (Signed) - Offer
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FREE 'We Are The Angels' Album CD (Signed) - Offer
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  • "The album that they have produced is an atmospheric highlight, one bordering on magnum opus status, one heavily emotional and original."

    - Mark McConville, Right Chord Music Reviewer

  • "There’s a lot more going on here and instrumentally the band are a lot stronger than I was expecting initially. [The band] have pulled off a really strong debut album."

    - James Williams, This Noise Is Ours Music Reviewer, Blogger

  • "ALL I LIVE FOR fills the rock lover's chest with their new album “We Are The Angels”. A perfect compilation for the rock lover, and enjoys the square rhythms that make the listener shake their head until they're dizzy."

    - Guilherme Barreiros, Roadie Music Reviewer

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Why give away free CDs?

We figured that if we send you our debut album and you like what you hear, then there's a chance that you'll want to come back for more... Whether that's listening out for our new releases, seeing you at a gig, buying other merch, etc., we feel that it's a win-win!

By listening to our music and buying our merch, you are directly supporting an independent band, and we are very grateful for that. 🤘

  • "Got mine today, fn amazing sounds love it. Keep on rocking guys."

    - Alan

  • "I love the album chaps. Can’t wait for a Southampton show or near abouts"

    - Owen Culshaw

  • "Top top album, looking forward to the next one"

    - Neil Foster


    - Tom Catt

  • "Thanky guys received it this morning absolutely love the album you guys rock , good luck for the future"

    - Nev Stevens

  • "Just popped up on facebook, sometimes they get the ads right!! You guys sound great! Just ordered and I'll keep an eye out for gigs!"

    - Jennifer May

  • "If you like heavy metal, particularly in the style of Alter Bridge .... BUY this CD. I took a punt on it, based on this video, and its a very very good album."

    - Nigel Nattrass

  • "I’m always here to support the UK metal scene. Ordered and looking forward to giving it a very loud first listen!"

    - Dave Sharp

  • "Received mine this morning and have given it a spin. Great album"

    - Mel Boast

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    - Craig Brookes

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    - Anthony Hughes

  • "Arrived within 48 hours. Now reliving my youth!! Belting"

    - Louise Gilchrist

  • "Brilliant album get to see you at a gig at some point in time."

    - Douglas Thom

  • "Thank you for the CD, I really enjoyed it. Going to listen to it again tomorrow through headphones with the sound turned up!!!"

    - Steve Trangmar

  • "Received my copy yesterday, I’ve already listened to it once last night and twice today!!! Love it!!!"

    - Marc Hitchin

  • "My cd came today, many thanks guy's, it's already been on the hifi. Great work"

    - Mike Love

  • "The CD is great, just need to get the live experience now. Any gigs lined up?"

    - Ian Butterfield

  • "Got my album in the post today. Rocking out in the car earlier today."

    - Allan Pennycook

  • "Sounds great! Loving the guitar!"

    - Lesley Hughes

  • "Just received the cd fantastic many many thanks"

    - Gary Hodgeson

  • "Thanks for the freebie CD. Loving it!"

    - John O'Dwyer

  • "Got this album last year and it's fantastic what a brilliant album by a brilliant new bandIf you haven't got it yet get a move on these guys should be huge"

    - Anthony Hughes

  • "Just got mine today don't think the neighbour likes it lol thanks boys you've made a 50 year old woman very happy xxx"

    - Kazzer Turner

  • "Really intrigued and excited to give it a good listen. Sounds great. Ordered today. Good luck and very best wishes. Will spread the word."

    - Conan Fyvie

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    - William Reid

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    - Stuart Bromley

  • "Done and done. Feel I owe you an apology for not hearing you before. That clip alone chewed me up and spat me out, cant wait to give this a blast when it arrives. Will be keeping an eye out for tour dates for sure. Thank you for this really nice offer."

    - Kev Rees

  • "I was really looking forward to this album arriving and I wasn't disappointed. Godspeed and Set me free really impressed with the awesome riffs. My commute to and from work has improved 100% with this!"

    - Dave Rogers

  • "Just received the cd yesterday, have given it a listen on tidal, but not had a proper listen just yet, but does sound good."

    - Kevin Breetz

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  • "You really need to get this CD, it's fuckin incredible!!"

    - Mal Trewern

  • "Received mine - absolutely love it!!!!"

    - Vee Wheeldon

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  • "Great video. Love the album 'We are the angels.' Every song is my favourite now. I'm still a cd fan. Love to have actual cd"

    - Virginia Omalley

  • "Just got mine, I'm thoroughly enjoying the music! Makes a great display piece too"

    - Oliver

  • "I ordered the signed CD. Coming this week. This is by far my top 3 albums released this year. Well done!"

    - mrmc.builds

  • "Nice and fresh sound, get the album and hear something new. Highly recommend you get the offer"

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    - Colin Daine

  • "I received the album yesterday and I have to say, it is fantastic! Blasted it through the cars stereo as it should be played. The lyrics, the bass, the drums, every one of those songs hits right."

    - Drew C.

  • "Just received my copy yesterday, and have to say it’s pretty damned good. Volume cranked to 100, defo looking forward to hopefully seeing you dudes sometime soon, good luck Headbangers"

    - Billy Graham

  • "Just got my order in and looking forward to hearing this cd love the photo artwork too. This will be awesome, looking forward to supporting this band in the future and the best thing is that they have a kick ass sound."

    - Steve Gould

  • "Ordered mine. All the best with everything and looking forward to listening as I’m liking your sound a lot"

    - Paula Hansen

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    - Jonathan A.

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    - Bridgette Richardson

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    - Emma White

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    - Michael Gosling

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    - Jon Smith

  • "My copy has arrived today, thanks so much for that and the super fast delivery, I'm giving it a whirl on my way to work tonight"

    - Lei Devon

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    - Stuwey Watson

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    - Steph Harley

  • "Mine's ordered, as an old Leeds metal heading looking forward to hearing it & hopefully seeing you guys"

    - Nick B Carter

  • "It's a very good album. It's original and you can't pigeon hole this band, originality these days is rare. But there is hints of Dream Theatre. Even a little Slayer, with some classic, acoustic moments, theatrical songs. A very good listen, and they deserve supporting IMO"

    - Ed Jones

  • "Just ordered my copy so looking forward to playing it and discovering more of your music in the future love the sound you create guys rock on"

    - Stephen Rogers

  • "Thank you for the Album, blasting it out in my man cave, brilliantly made!"

    - Christopher Bromfield

  • "Got mine today! Listened to first track on my short drive home. Looking forward to listening to the rest tomorrow! Awesome stuff thanks lads!"

    - Matthew Marshall

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    - Glyn Irwin-Moore

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    - Helen Layton

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    - Chris Graver

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    - Sarah Clayts

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